addendum to “the way we hear words”



Hmmm. Hadn’t thought about regularly scheduled
need and preventative care-based errands and appointments
as alternative language for worship,
but walking the dog the other evening,
I walked by a car service center and a grocery store.

* * * * * * *

Come stock up on your staples
of life lived fully—wholly—abundantly.
Sample the fresh produce of fellowship and service—
the fruit of grace yielding one hundred fold—
sustenance and inspiration.

We offer a priceless selection of
bread and wine,
milk and honey,
oh, and saltiness and yeastiness.

Every Sunday,
we’re giving the stuff away!
in an organic experience
with no artificial sweeteners
and no artificial preservatives—
a homemade touch of heaven.

* * * * * * *

It’s time for my regularly scheduled tune-up—
a little routine maintenance.
I find my life runs a lot smoother
when I regularly
get an attitude change—
my perspectives rotated—
my priorities balanced—
the level of my grace checked—
see if my filters are clogged with justifications
and need to be replaced—
fill up on story in community—
top off the hope—
check the pressure of my joy—
vacuum out the accumulated trash—
clean off whatever’s between me and the world
that keeps me from seeing it with love and wonder.

* * * * * * *

Come with me Sunday.
It’s like the gym—
for your soul.
You know you have to work out your spirituality
or it grows unhealthily out of shape.

It’s like the bank—
for your spirit.
You know you have to make deposits
in order to make withdrawals.

It’s like the doctor’s office—
for your whole self—your holy self.
You know you need your annual physical
(and your regular spiritual),
even if you’re afraid of what you might hear—
that you might hear things you don’t want to—
that you might get hard news.

Come with me Sunday.
It’s a combination of necessary
and healthy
and proactive

* * * * * * *

It’s so very important—
too important for words we love to get in the way.

I remember an African-American ethicist,
asked about African-American worship—
specifically about the length of such worship.
“Don’t know about y’all white folks’ lives during the week,” she said,
“but I have to deal with enough throughout my weeks,
that I need more than an hour on Sunday to balance it out!”

What happens to a life
lived in our culture
and not regularly balanced out?


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