mid-April prayer


amidst expectations of spring warmth

and the reality of winter’s damp lingering chill,

we pray, deeming the weather metaphorically appropriate.

Amidst what is, that in so many ways feels like it shouldn’t be,

we long for change—

for reality to conform to our deepest hopes—

those hopes informed by our God and our faith.

And each day we awaken to a chill

penetrating our very bones,

we remind each other, that warmth will come—

not on our time frame maybe,

but it will come.

And so too, we believe in the promise and assurance of God,

and amidst fear and violence—

amidst profound injustice—

amidst terrible brokenness,

we anticipate peace—

we imagine justice—

we expect wholeness—

through grace and love incarnate—

not on our time frame,

but it is coming.

Amen and amen.


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