corporate prayer’s a tricky thing

Corporate praying’s a tricky thing, God.

Because some of us are weary,
and some of us don’t seem to stop.
Some of us hurt,
and some blissfully
take not hurting for granted.
Some of us grieve,
while some of us complain about the frustrations
of intimate relationships.
Some of us toss and turn at night,
some sleep like the proverbial babies.
Whatever some of us feel,
others don’t.

And so we pray—
(this the gift of corporate prayer, not private)—
we pray together,
and in hearing all our different prayers—
hearing the prayers of others joined to ours,
we know ourselves to be different,
and we come to know prayer
as not just for me
and we come to know God for all.

So we pray for what we want
and for others who want the opposite.
We pray for our frustrations and challenges,
knowing them to be another’s joys.

We pray together,
and God is bigger,
truth is bigger,
and we are drawn together more closely.

Thanks be to God.



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