we pray for those

We pray, our God,
for those who have no more hope,
for those who’ve given up,
for those who never had a chance to begin with,
for those written off,
for those who apparently don’t count,
for those whose lives are not gratitude and possibility,
for those whose stories are over.

We pray for those.

And we pray Your deep truth, our God—
that the pieces are gathered—
the pieces of dreams,
the pieces of lives,
the pieces of a past,
the pieces of stories,
the pieces of relationships,
the pieces of possibilities—
that they’re all lovingly and carefully picked up—
that they’re re-membered—
that the story that was over
has life breathed into it anew—
that your spirit hovers over depths of hope and possibility,
breathing words
of a creation that continues
within and out of chaos—
within and out of pain.

We pray for all who cannot see
to trust—
to trust the one who makes even blind eyes see
light shining even in the uncomprehending darkness.

This we pray in the name of the one who said, “I am the light”—
the one whom we claim to follow,
into the darkness.


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