a moment

Our God,

some days weigh so very heavy on the soul—
days of the randomly tragic,
the viciously horrifying—
days with a moment—just one moment
after which, lives go on rent and twisted—
moments after which it’s somehow incomprehensible,
how, after such cataclysmic change, life even goes on.

Such days, maybe,
we drag ourselves into some awareness of Your presence,
and we sit together.

And it may not be until much later
that it dawns on us
that in our stories of You,
You know well
those moments that rend and tear
relationship and time and creation.

It may not be until much later
that it occurs to us
to be grateful
for the silence that is the absence
in Your presence
of reasoned explanation—
of any attempt to justify events—

to be grateful
that we just sit together,
knowing we both know the weight of this day—
the terrible change wrought in that one moment—

knowing that life does go on
without dimensions it should have
or with dimensions it shouldn’t—
that it will never be what it was,

but that it also does go on with You.

And, sometimes, that’s enough.


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