we live too much afraid

We live too much afraid, our God.
And that’s in no way to say
there’s not a lot of which to be afraid.
There is.
We live in a scary world.
ISIS or ISIL and Ebola are our new foci—
both of which, simply the latest manifestation
of the ever-truths
that there are scary people in the world
and scary things in the world—
neither of which are helpfully addressed
by our scarily short-sighted mentality
of let’s get what we can—all we can—while we can.

Fear restricts us. Fear confines us.
Fear makes us smaller.
Fear makes us live smaller lives.
And those who peddle fear
count on us feeling small
so they can perceive themselves and their agendas
as big.

But here’s the thing—
the thing we remember and proclaim:
You, our God, You made yourself smaller,
to love us into being bigger and living bigger—
into such bigness that there’s no room left for smallness—
no room for fear.

So may we live ever bigger lives.
May we love ever bigger
believing in the goodness of creation
and the love that is Your presence—
the love that casts out fear—shrinks it—
instead of allowing it to shrink us.

This we pray in the name of the one who lived big
and unafraid, full of grace and love. Amen.


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