deep wellspring everflowing

Deep wellspring
of what’s pure and fresh,
rising from dark, unplumbed depths,


rushing through channels
long established—
down mountains slopes,
through underground caverns
emerging in forests and cities
running over the plains—

bubbling up in unexpected
uncharted places—
through soil and through rock—
welling up,
beginning another run—

currents of life-sustaining.

And we map, as best we can,
the source of life—
its pools and its channels.
that we would know where to go
to avail ourselves of sustenance.
We map our survival—

knowing, all the while,
living water, also and always,
creates new pools in which to well—
reshapes its channels
in and with its movement—

requiring that maps ever be changed,
before the persistence of the flowing
makes shorelines unrecognizable
to be explored

And so we invest
not in maps of borders that were,
not in shorelines we have known,
but in the flow that was, and is,
and ever will be.


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