consistency within the ever-changing

Our faith confronts the world as it is.
What if we lived in such a way—
boldly and faithfully enough,
with assurance enough,
that the world would,
threatened, feel it incumbent
to confront our faith?

If we risk the story,
and whatever costs come our way
from living into that story,
we participate in the truth of God
(and the authority)
manifest in Jesus,
and Jesus holds us
in the love that created all that is,
and sustains us (and all) in proper relationship.

We are then called to enword and enflesh
what we have seen of truth.
And what we have seen fulfills words and flesh—
fills full and exceeds—
ever-escaping names, images, understandings—
but not consuming,
but ever re-membered,
poured out—
or overflowing?
Wild and untamed—undomesticated,
yet ever grace-full,
dangerous enough to work transformation,
loving enough to never leave us alone

So our words and names, images and understandings
reveal and then veil—
are all imminence
appropriately and temporarily expressed
before transcendence
well, transcends.
and it is precisely this remarkable consistency
of being and loving,
within the ever-changing beyond-naming,
that is made visible/made flesh/manifest
in local communities of faith.

God help us!

God does.


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