wondrous enough

He drew a picture of their pet dog,
Shelby, who died a year or so ago.
He drew a picture of Shelby in heaven—
a picture of Shelby with God.

And I celebrated the insight into God he claimed—
the affirmation of God he celebrated.

Personally, I believe, ultimately,
God embraces more
than just the human part of creation
into love and grace and truth.

I also affirm that when it comes to death,
we stand before mystery
that cannot be known,
and we simply trust.

But here’s my question:
why on earth would anyone,
regardless of their beliefs,
deny him this assurance he drew?

We cannot know mystery,
and if we don’t believe the truth to come
will be wondrous enough
to crush any compulsion to revel in what we got right
or to lament what we got wrong,
aren’t we further from truth
than any picture of love could ever be?


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