at the end of EasterTide

Thinking about resurrection
during this EasterTide,
I’ve been wondering
what would it be like for Jesus to have been resurrected—
physically resurrected,
and for his story not to have been—
his teachings not to have been—
his way of living and loving not to have been—
in the lives of those who claim to be his followers.

Paul suggests boldly and baldly
(weird phrase, that one! hair-ist, I believe,
suggesting as it does that those with hair
practice more artifice and guile—
don’t you hear it like that?)—
anyway boldly and baldly—
and bluntly,
“if Christ has not been raised,
then our proclamation has been in vain
and your faith has been in vain”
(1 Corinthians 15:14).

Now you have to give Paul some respect—
you know, being Scripture and all.
But with all due respect,
I’d suggest
(maybe boldly but definitely baldly)—
and bluntly,
if we, as followers of Jesus,
don’t live in the way of Jesus,
then what does it matter if Jesus was raised or not?


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