in transition

We pray this day, O God,
for those in transition—

for those getting married,
for those with new borns—
and infants and toddlers
and preschoolers
and elementary aged children
and tweens and high school aged youth—
for all the transitions of parenting—
and of growing up—
for graduates—
finishing and preparing to begin—
something else,
for those who have been diagnosed,
for those awaiting surgery,
for those in treatment—
in therapy, in recovery,
for those in hospice,
for those in grief—

recognizing that we are all,
in truth,
in transition—
from what was,
through what is,
into what is yet to be.

And so we pray for liminal time—
for the good and the hard gifts of thresholds,
that they might be for us a thin place—
a thin time—
so very fleeting,
and yet,
eternally full
of Your presence, our God.

This we pray, in the name of Jesus,
who was and is,
and will be
with us,


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