You wait—
poised to enter our living,
to ride into our being
inverting our expectations
of what’s impressive and successful,
and what’s ludicrous and ridiculous.

You’re ready, again,
to enter the fullness of our living—
all the stories unfolding simultaneously,
and in the turmoil thus generated,
we ask, who is this?
Who is this so unrelenting in loving?
Who is this so persistent in grace?
Who is this so other than any other?

And, in calling into question
our assumptions and presuppositions—
our priorities and norms,
who will You be to and for us?
Or savior?
One invited to stay with us and rearrange our being?
Or one dragged outside our being—
and left hanging there

And yet,
here You are, God,
ready to enter our living—

in Jesus’ name,


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