we often feel helpless

We often feel helpless, God,
in light of the hard circumstances of loved ones,
You know?
Not feeling like there’s anything we can do.
Not feeling like what we can do is enough—
wanting to do so much more—

feeling like our loved ones are all alone
in their hurt,
and that we’re separated from them
in that hurt—

feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.

And so we pray,
wondering if You know that feeling—

of being with people in the freedom they have—
in the freedom that is creation—
extending presence and love—
all that we have to offer too.

It doesn’t seem enough, God
from You or from us.

We want to change circumstances,
and all we can do is be with people
in and through circumstances—
in Jesus’ name.

And that is our prayer,
and, maybe, that is answer to prayer.



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