we gather in worship

Our God,

we gather
in worship—
in Your presence,
and in each other’s,
to be reminded—
amidst all the trials and temptations of living—
and amidst all that makes life just sometimes so hard—
to be reminded to keep choosing
to live in Your way,
to be reminded of the richness and the wonder
of life in Your way,
the abundance and the joy—

to be led in that way,
through example of biblical story
and shared witness,

and to be sustained in that way
in word and liturgy,
in prayer—
in the comfort we receive in the midst of it all—
the comfort and the reassurance—
in and through all the love—
Your love and the love of those around us—

making a new tomorrow possible—
a different tomorrow—
a more grace-filled tomorrow

in Jesus’ name,


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