the truth beyond

Our God,
may the truth beyond our expression of it
stalk and confront us this day
in worship—in Scripture
in prayer—in reflection.
May the truth we can only know intimated
prowl through what we think we know
and transform certainty into trust,
uncertainty into affirmation,
and affirmations about God into the affirmation of God.
May the truth beyond our expression of it
(the truth we know even our best expressions limit)
work in, through, and beyond us
transforming us into who you would have us be—
how you would have us be.

Our God,
we confess to settling—
settling for the obvious
the easy—the superficial.
We confess to not looking
beyond the comfortable harmony
that masks a deeper, howling discord.
We confess to prioritizing harmony
and thus making difficult
the noticing and receiving of the gifts of snarling discord.

So we give to You, this day, our God,
the direction in which we look to know You,
in which to look to learn how to live,
in which we look to hunt the future we claim—
knowing well the danger of claiming much more than a direction
and affirming Jesus as our best indicator.

Guide us through the difficult, the discomforting, the inconvenient,
toward the truth.
This we pray in the name of Jesus
whose own way was difficult, discomforting, inconvenient—
and more true than anything else we can know,


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