what know you?

What know you of elves?
Name you them ancient beings of legend and lore?
Storied heroes of fantasy and dream?
What know you?
What could you know,
creature of dust?
What could you know
of those shaped of music and song?
Singers of the harmony of being
who honor and glorify the Singer⎯
the Composer of souls.

They were there⎯they were then⎯
even a part of the time of naming⎯making:
when the light and the dark began their dance,
and there were colors⎯shades and hues;
when the horizons were drawn and the world took shape,
and there was near and there was far⎯
the dimensions of relationship;
when the contours of the earth
the mountains and the valleys and the plains
were raised from the glistening sea;
when all being was given form, and dust was given breath.

They were there⎯they were then⎯
immortals who watched the children of God
first walking with giants in the land,
who themselves roamed the lands when they were young,
and walked with animals now just dream truth.

Then and now⎯
guardians of the mysteries⎯
with blades of flame and fiery, fey eyes;
bright warriors in the light against the darkness;
those who remind us of our place
“Creature of dust,
all that is was blessed,
not ‘be for you,’
but before you
ever were, ‘it is good!’

Then and now⎯
those who treasure true names
and sing the forgotten songs.
Keepers of the wild green places⎯
the hidden pools that mirror the deep sky
and shine with the moon and the stars.

Messengers sent to dreams and visions;
those who rejoice at all births,
all good tidings of great joy,
and mourn all deaths
‘it is finished.’
And not just the first birth and the last death,
but all the ones between⎯
their smiles blazing like the first sunrise
(nothing can ever be the same thereafter),
their tears falling down cheeks
centuries long.

But those who walk between the worlds
are often not seen in this world⎯
their smiles or their tears.
Animals see them⎯
don’t “know enough” not to.
The occasional human.
They’re identified with light⎯
seen as shining in the rays of the sun⎯
dazzling as lightning in appearance.
Radiance coalesces about them,
great shimmering wings around them,
burnished hair a colorful glowing halo above them,
upward sweeping ears⎯attuned to what?
Wide cats’ eyes of brilliant green and blue and gold⎯
steady, unblinking eyes that penetrate⎯
that see⎯truly⎯that know
the elven tongue, a music beyond our ken⎯
soothing and scary,
“Fear not!”

All this and more.
Unearthly beauty, magic and grace⎯
marvelous grace.
know you not that they, as elves,
are what you call angels?


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