the starkly absolute contrast

Our side of the street is virtually bare.
The snow … oh, there are still a few little mounds,
here and there,
but for the most part, it’s all gone—
melted away.

But on the other side of the street,
the yards are still covered—as in completely covered.
They still have the big mounds of snow
on the sidewalk and in the street
where the snow was shoveled
to get the cars out.
It’s a starkly absolute contrast.
And it’s, of course, because of how the sun rises … and sets …,
and what’s in its way in the heat of the day.

Odd that we make changes
acknowledging the impact of solar circumstances
so much easier than we do
acknowledging the impact of
oh, let’s say, economic circumstances.
In the one case, knowing to walk down the other side of the street—
to more easily and safely walk—
avoiding the ice and snow.
In the other, not knowing what to do
about all those children—
you know, from the wrong side of the—
you know,
with the deck stacked against them—
in terms of health, longevity, education, opportunity,
and future prospects.

Good thing we know down which side of the street to walk.


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