the weight of the waiting

Our God,

We bear the weight of waiting—

waiting for the moment—
the right moment—
worrying the right moment already passed us by,
or, that we were too impatient, moved too quickly,
and got in the way
of our right moment coming at all.

We’re waiting for everything to fall into place,
waiting for the response,
waiting for the answer,
waiting for the diagnosis,
waiting to finish this—
to be done with that,
waiting for this to happen—
that to happen,
waiting for the information we need
to make the decisions we face,
waiting for someone to be ready—
or something—

And just what is our prayer—
in the waiting?
That the waiting be done?
But that is just a matter of time.
So we pray,
not just that what is wouldn’t be,
but also for strength,
for courage,
and for what peace there is to find,

in the waiting—
bearing the weight of waiting—

within the community,
within the love,
within the presence,
that shares the load

in Jesus’ name—



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