in this bitter cold

In this bitter cold we’ve been experiencing,
I’ve noticed
that even in the warmth
of my office or home,
I will still,

Just a quick shudder.
A sudden chill
come and gone—

a cool air pocket drifting through the room?
A body memory of frigid temperature?

Or the reality of the day
from which I am sheltered

imposing itself
into my comfort?

Asserting: “Don’t you ever forget
that your experience within the day
is not the truth of the day.”

We, as those who follow God
in the way of Jesus, are called
to invite the truth of our days
to impose itself
into our comfort,
are we not?

That we might be ever aware
of perspective and assumptions—
of privilege and responsibility—
of blessings to be shared—
too good and important
(too necessary)
not to be.


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