a Yoda prayer of thanksgiving

Our God,

We pray
from a strong sense of what should be—
in gratitude for all that falls within such parameters,
in intercessory petitions for all that falls outside them.
So we usually find ourselves, we confess,
praying for what should not be—
that it would not be.

Now to be sure, we frame such prayer
asking for strength and peace
and an awareness of Your presence
amidst the unwelcome circumstances of what should not be,
but a sense of profound wrongness predominates
and fuels our dis-ease, our anger, and our praying.

Remind us, our God,
that beyond our sense of what ought and what ought not be,
frighteningly independent of what we think,
there is always simply what is,

and that You are where we need You most—
not fixed in place by shoulds and shouldn’ts,
but ensconced in the midst of what is,
working transformation
not toward some what should be,
but ever with what is.

Thanks we give.



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