most true

That Jesus is born
and does come to us
is more important
than that he was and did.
Oh, now of course if he hadn’t, he couldn’t,
but he was and does.
So this I believe:

Jesus comes to us—
is born to us—
into our truths—
into our presuppositions and assumptions
to both affirm and challenge
and our presuppositions and assumptions,
and our truths.

So it is that Jesus comes to us in our specificities.
And Jesus is born black and white,
Native American, Indian, Asian,
bi-racial, multi-racial.
Jesus is born
and pictured in diverse and wonderful ways.
And it is indeed beautiful and graceful,
hopeful and faithful,
to see Jesus in the particularities of another,
and to affirm his significance beyond particularities.

And the particular history,
as important as it is—
Jesus as a dark skinned man of the Middle East,
is not as important
as the greater truth.

Jesus came not for us to stake a claim,
but to share the lode.


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