hark the herald angels

in the sixth month
May it happen this way,
again, this year:
in the midst of our deepest dreamings,
may the word of God come to us and say,
“Don’t be afraid,
for you have found favor with God.”

And we will be perplexed with much to ponder,

as, overshadowed by the Most High,
we conceive God newly.

For nothing is impossible with God.

in those days
And so, still at a specific time,
into a specific history
(into our months and days),
are consistently issued the decrees of the way things are—
a status quo that dictates a most taxing existence.
And we register the need to head home—
less to a place than into a heritage,
pregnant with possibility,
and in the stable hope and assurance of our faith,
we swaddle God-with-us,
wrapped in the ordinary
and placed into the common and everyday.
For there’s no room for God
in the removed from home.

in that region
And into all the places into which God is born—
all the lives into which God is born,
the light shines both over and from that peculiar way of being—
for the truly wise to see.
And the word of God
echoes out of God born into our midst,
as song for the marginalized to hear—
the outcast, the rejected—
glorious music manifesting the glory of God
(good news of great joy for all).

And there will be
a host of heavenly affirmations
expressing glory to God
(on earth peace).

So may we ever be going now to see
this thing God has made known


to amaze us,
for us to treasure,
and ponder—

God born always here and now

Veiled in flesh the Godhead see,
hail th’incarnate Deity!
Pleased with us as us to dwell,
Jesus our Immanue
(Charles Wesley).

It’s only because it happened first in that sixth month,
and then in those days in that region,
that it can happen now and here.
But it’s because it happens now and here,
that it matters that it happened then and there.

So may the story that unfolded then,
continue to ever unfold
even here,
even now.


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