Greek we should know, iii.

Kerygma is basically what you preach—
the content of your preaching—
the heart of it.

Perhaps more appropriately defined
(so as to not exclude the non clergy),
kerygma is the heart of your witness—
of your testimony—
of your experience.

For everyone’s life proclaims—

So what is it you say
over and over again in different ways?
What do others see you rely on?
If they had to boil your living down
to an essential distillation,
what would that be?
What is the sermon of your living—
the kerygma?

The classic three-fold evangelical kerygma:
God born as Jesus;
Jesus crucified;
Jesus resurrected.

That’s a variation
on the classic Pauline three-fold kerygma:
Jesus with God;
Jesus emptied in obedience unto death;
Jesus raised and glorified
(Philippians 2:5-11).

Rather abstract, it seems to me,
as witness to most living.

I’m more inclined to go with
in the beginning, God;
in the end, God;
and in between, God.

Though I’m not sure that’s any less abstract,
and living is just too particular to testify to abstraction.

So how about, to know Jesus is to know God;
to follow Jesus, to manifest God;
so whom do you see in my living?


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