it is good

From the elementary school yesterday morning,
they streamed through the neighborhood’s
early morning fog (how appropriate!)—
witches and ghouls, princesses and pirates,
animals and sports figures
movie characters, video game characters,
and a few literary characters
(one genie and one gypsy
of which I’m particularly fond!).
Store-bought costumes and homemade,
elaborate and simple.
Creatures of the imagination—someone’s anyway,
one and all.
Waving enthusiastically at parents—
or with embarrassment
(a reaction apparently related to age!).
Friends and family lined the parade route
to admire and smile and wave.

Last night they streamed through the neighborhood again,
less organized, with a greater age span,
expecting not just admiration, smiles and waves,
but treats as well
(though some of the younger ones did toddle up
to say their version of “trick or treat”
and then have to be reminded to take their treats!
And one young superhero was redistributing
more than collecting—
taking candy from one home
and adding it to another’s supply).

It is good to consider the morning
and the evening of a day
celebrating fun and imagination.
It is very good.


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