a good night to contemplate

It’s a critical decision I face,
with significant and personal consequences.
There’s a lot of information to weigh—
a lot of factors to assess in the decision making.

And there’s only one right answer.

The question?
What to wear tonight.
Oh, not in the way of costume.
But, sitting outside, distributing candy,
admiring costumes, talking to neighbors—
in the way of comfort.
Not too little or too light so as to be cold,
but not too much or too heavy so as to be hot.

And the one answer?
To know there is no
one answer.
To acknowledge at this point,
that the actual combination of wind and temperature,
humidity and activity level tonight
is absolutely unknown and unknowable,
and so, the best I can do is to have multiple options available
to meet what the need turns out to be—
and to change if and as the need does.

A good night to contemplate, I believe,
for those of us who believe in one answer
to pretty much anything!


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