outside the busy

We are grateful, God, again,
for the gift of prayer
that allows us, if we but commit to it,
to step outside the busy—
to watch it hurtle on by
without us for a time—
if but for a moment or two,
during which we can, now freed from its rush,
contemplate what’s important,
not just what’s pressing—
what’s ultimately significant
that nonetheless still gets buried in schedule,
and to-do list—
resurrected now, in prayer—

moving through the Light in concentric circles
of intimacy and love,
friendship and acquaintance—
concentric circles that ripple out
encompassing, eventually, all creation—

if we’re not pulled back—
pulled back from prayer—
pulled back into the busy—
into the pressing—
the pressure
the stressing
of busy.

So, God to whom we pray,
keep us praying—
awareness and love rippling out
from us to you? from You to us?—
sweeping over the surface of the deep
in re-creation.


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