expect more

“I have a confession to share with you,”
I said at the beginning of a worship service.
“I think I have a really good sermon for you today.”

I’ve been thinking about that
ever since saying it,
and have determined
that I can (and should) confess
that I usually think I have a really good sermon.

“And that’s scary,” I went on that morning.
“Because let me tell you what I mean by that.
What I mean by that is that I think
I found something good in my work this past week
(or was found by something good)—
some insight, some truth, some relevance.

What I don’t mean is
that I’m going to necessarily convey it (whatever it is)
particularly effectively—
insightfully, truthfully, or relevantly.

So I’m reminding you this morning to expect significance—
to expect surprise and beauty and wonder,
grace and relevance
in and through what I say.”

I’m reminding you that this preaching thing,
we do together.
You trust me to tease out of Scripture.
I trust you to tease out of preaching.
It is important work we do—

affirming the depths of an ever-living Scripture,
the integrity of careful listening,
and the work of community.

Thanks for your participation.


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