We find our center in You, our God.
In prayer, we center ourselves in You.
And so, centered, we pray
other than we thought we would—
other than we otherwise could.

We pray
out of love with grace into hope,
out of hope with love into grace,
out of grace with hope into love.

And so even as we pray for others
in ways we couldn’t have imagined,
we pray for the balance we live toward
to counterbalance
the imbalance we live in—
the imbalance of our world,
ever perpetuating the illusion
that “this is just the way things are.”

We live toward all creation
balanced on the fulcrum of love—
God’s love, yes,
and the love of those who follow God
who allow themselves to be thus centered,
and so to live praying always—
so to live as prayer
in Jesus’ name,



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