ninth month’s blessing

So you may remember how the names
of the first six months of the year
were tied to gods and goddesses,
to great stories of mythology,
and to important seasonal celebrations of ancient cultures?

And then we had a couple of months
originally named just for a number—
a number representing their sequential order
within the months of a year,
but then subsequently renamed after Caesars.

But now we’re into months
originally named after those numbers
representing their order in an archaic calendar
but never renamed.

And so September’s name—the ninth month’s name—
comes from the number seven.
Because, you know by now, right?
September was originally the seventh month—
before January and February were added.

But then January and February were added,
and no one changed September’s name
(to November, I guess?—after the number nine).
And seventh was, in time, accepted as ninth.

So receive this month,
the blessing of simply what comes next—
of what follows
in order.
Receive the blessing of a reliable, cyclical sequence.

Receive as well, the blessing of that
which while inaccurate,
is nonetheless what it is,

and the blessing that is the yearly reminder
that even with gods and goddesses,
with great stories and all the big names and events,
time waits for no one—
unfolding ever into what’s next—
for anyone and everyone.


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