the effective blog

So I learned
that for an effective blog
you’re supposed to add a picture
to go along with each post.

Now I know,
I’ve heard the statistics
that claim people are x% more likely to remember
words tied to a graphic than words not,
y% more likely to have a positive impression
of words associated with a graphic,

and I like my friends’ blogs
who have pictures.
I do.

I don’t know—
I don’t know if you just troll the internet
for pictures related to that about which you write.
I don’t know anything about copy-write stuff for graphics.
And I’d rather use my time writing than searching anyway.

So I think to myself,
I don’t hear people telling poets
their poems need pictures.
Most sermons aren’t illustrated …
though that may be changing.
But we still do have this idea, do we not?,
that you graduate from picture books
to chapter books—
chapter books without pictures.

I know.
I’m supposed to add pictures.
Maybe I will one day.

Maybe not.


2 thoughts on “the effective blog

  1. I have to confess that I kept thinking as I read about all the amazing sites you described from your trip that it would be nice to be able to look at a simple photo of each of the places. You can buy some very good point and click cameras for a decent price and not have to worry about copy-write.

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