status update

My wife told me of the two young women she observed.
They arrived at the playground
on which we romped,
and took turns posing on the various playground apparati
and taking pictures of themselves.

But they never played on anything.

Then they changed into swimsuits
and took pictures of themselves
posing by the mountain lake
in which we waded and swam.
But they never got in.
And then they changed back into their clothes
and left.

I’m sure their facebook pages
will suggest they had a great time,

but the questions I would post would be,
“In the midst of all your work to look like you were having fun,
did you?”
And “Has the appearance of experience
replaced the need to?”
And “Do you know the meaning of the word

And I worry about how social media is changing experience
into the marketing of a desired perception of self.


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