gifting perspective

Innsbruck offered us the same gift
so many of the places we’ve been has—
an Altstadt (the old town—the old part of town).
And we wandered its narrow cobblestone streets
admiring some of the ornate house facades,
ate at an outdoor café,
thinking again,
“When something is identified as old here in Central Europe,
that means you might well be walking Roman streets
and leaning on Roman walls
with some evidence to be found
that the Romans built on what they found.”
There’s a palpable sense of age—of history
with which we’ve been well gifted.

But Innsbruck also offers the gift of mountains—
specifically high mountains,
in close enough proximity that they loom over the city—
extend high above the lower buildings—
fill the spaces between buildings.

I have always appreciated the gift of a point of view
that places what we have wrought with our hands—
our accomplishments and achievements
into perspective,

and in Innsbruck
found the convergence
of the gifts of perspective
offered by both time and space.


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