you know this

A balcony in the Gasthaus
in which we stayed in Rüschlikon
overlooked a labyrinth.

Gazing down, I asked my daughter where it started,
and after a moment of thoughtful consideration,
she identified the starting point.

Then I asked her how the path went,
and we traced it from above with our fingers.

“So where do you end up?” I asked.
“In the middle,” said she.

“And how do you get there?”
“In circles …,” she responded quickly,
then added slowly,
“actually, in U-turns.
Each circle has a U-turn.”
“You’re right. How about that.”

To get to where we need to go,
we sometimes go in circles.
We sometimes get so close,
only to twist away and head in the opposite direction—
trusting though (can we? do we?)
that in the end,
we’ll be where we need to be.


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