to stand in the same place and see differently

We climbed all 533 steps
of the mainly spiral staircase
(absolutely not designed—
or intended—for crowds!)
in the crowded 515 foot south steeple
of the “Dom” in Cologne
(or all 1066 steps, as my girls informed me,
when we got back down!)

We climbed stone steps
worn down through the years,
I imagined
all the different people
treading on those steps
through the years.

And I contemplated,
as we came to the top,
seeing such a different vista
from what others,
in bygone centuries,
would have seen,
and yet from the exact same vantage point.

But we already knew, did we not,
that you can stand exactly
where someone else stands,
and yet see something completely different.

And it doesn’t take centuries
to create that difference.


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