at the London Natural History Museum, iii.

We saw the skull of a mastodon—
an extinct ancestor of the elephant,
fossils of which have been found on the Greek mainland
and some of the Mediterranean islands,

and it was very clear
that if, long ago, you were looking
at such a massive skull—
imagining what sort of creature
it might have been—
not knowing of mastodons—
so not knowing that that big hole in the skull,
front and center,
was where the trunk was attached,

it would not be that great a stretch
of the imagination
to deduce … a Cyclops.

Before the skull was identified,
it was misidentified.

So how much of what we believe
will one day be more appropriately identified
as myth?
And how much of what we define
will turn out to have been misdefined.

I confess my hope
that some live long enough
to learn just how wrong they were,
assuming at the same time,
my views will, in time, be validated!


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