Of course, as Harry Potter fans,
we went up to the King’s Cross rail station,
located Platform 9 3/4,
and found two enterprising young lads
who had set themselves up
by the baggage cart halfway into the wall
(I didn’t actually know if they were official or not!).

They had established a queue,
offering at the end of it,
a scarf in the colors of Gryffindor,
Hufflepuff, Ravensclaw, or Slytherin,
and, with their camera,
the opportunity to be pictured ….
as if entering the wall there.

You could, of course, also take your own picture,
but you still had to wait in the line.

So we were trying to decide whether it was worth the time in line
and took turns going around the crowd to where we could see
the baggage cart disappearing into the wall
and listen to the lads entertaining the people in line,
describing how to best hold the handle of the cart
and how to position the body
so as to most dramatically look like you were, in fact,
going through that wall to to catch the train to Hogwarts.

My wife walked up to the front with our youngest,
who, observing the back end of the baggage cart, asked,
“Are we at Platform 9 and 3/4?”
“Why doesn’t it push through?”
Reluctantly, my wife admitted,
“That only happens in the movies.”
This earned her “a look,” a shake of the head,
and a disgruntled, “Let’s go.”

I do so like expectations based on belief.

Don’t think there are enough of them.


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