indicative not representative

We took the Victoria Line north
to see the back end of a baggage cart
sticking out of a wall
at King’s Cross Railway Station—
under a sign reading “Platform 9 and 3/4.”

Now the cart wedged into the wall
is actually not between platforms 9 and 10
(kind of in front of platforms 9, 10 and 11).
And the corresponding scene in the Harry Potter movie
was actually filmed out on platform 4.
And J.K.Rowling, writing the book,
was actually envisioning
a completely different train station
(Euston—or so I’ve read).

So the whole thing was small, I found—
(commercial, corny, yes,
but somehow so much less …)—
altogether rather unimpressive.

Oddly enough though, I didn’t mind.

And not just because I really liked the books.

In part, in gratitude to King’s Cross station
for so honoring the book.
But even more because I did not take offense
at my “unimpressedness”
as in any way representative of the quality of the book,
but rather as gratefully indicative
(in its very smallness)
of the quality of the imagination—

both J.K.Rowling’s and ours.

It is, in truth, so much bigger a scene imagined
than could ever possibly be physically manifest.


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