The first three days of our beach vacation,
I got up early for morning sunrise.
And each of those mornings,
the alarm startled me out of a sound sleep
to grab my tripod and camera,
pull on clothes, slip quietly out of the house,
and wade through the sand to the shoreline.

And part of me did wonder about sleeping in—
about the pleasure of sleeping in,
but I didn’t want to miss what I’d miss—
what I might miss.

The fourth morning though, tired,
I decided to ignore the alarm—
turn it off and go back to sleep.

But then, having been awakened,
I couldn’t get back to sleep!

And the rest of the mornings of our week all dawned,
as predicted, overcast.
But each of those mornings,
even not having set the alarm (because of the forecasts),
I woke up before the sunrise
in plenty of time to ascertain
whether a walk to the beach was a photographic option (not!),
and so got neither the benefits of a sunrise
or the extra sleep.

I did get the amusement of noticing this!


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