exploring home

We explore home
as children
to find the best hiding places,
the most wide open spaces for dancing
and gymnastics and shows,
the best nooks in which to curl up and read—
the softest carpet, the most comfortable chair.

We explore home
as grown-ups
to identify up-keep and maintenance needs—
what has to be cleaned up, sorted, put away,
to look for what was previously sorted and put away
and is now needed,
to find places where we can still hide
but where we might appear “busy” if found!

We explore home
to share experience,
to make memories
and tell stories,
to risk honesty,
to deepen relationships,
to develop trust.
We explore home
to know its peace—
to know rest.

We explore home
to know our place—
to know it well
until we are home
and grateful.


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