where do we draw the line?

We denounce the selfishness,
the greed, the materialism,
the exploitation of sex,
the objectification of others,
the scapegoat mentality of blaming someone else—
anyone else,
the idolatry of profit,
the violence in our culture—
we denounce it all,

but we ignore it in our video games and movies,
on the radio and television,
in our advertising and marketing—our business,
our political rhetoric—our politics, our religion,
and our inter-personal relationships.

And if we do confront it,
we turn to or we run into
assertions of the fundamental freedom of expression,
the vital importance of the rejection of censorship
and the authority of Scripture or the way things are.

And so we sow and fertilize the seeds of our culture
as if we can then reject the fruit they bear.

I’m not big on more than personal censorship
(how I choose to censor myself
and censor culture for myself),
but neither do I dismiss incipient consequences.

And we as a society
are reaping the consequences of permissiveness.

Oh and for heaven’s sake,
I don’t mean sex, gays and lesbians!

I’m talking about socially accepted—
socially appreciated

values, principles, and habits,
business models, policy,
and ways of acting

that are, upon careful consideration,
not just antithetical to our faith affirmations,
but also to our basic sense of fairness and justice,

and yet ….

So how do l intentionally
live an alternative
to the norms of my culture—
believing in the transformative possibilities
of my living?

I reject the violence
and the stories of how it solves problems,
laugh at the arrogance of the pretentious,
choose faithfulness,
value others (and the other),
live more simply
(denying the priority of stuff … and more stuff),
prioritize needs
(including those of others)
over wants,
confront evil,
do justice,
love kindness,
walk humbly—
with God.


It’s a start.


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