a prayer for the expectant

In the sweltering days of waiting
through the growing discomfort—
the pressure of such a crowding fullness,
the awkward imbalance,

through the fatigue and the frustrations,

I pray grace

in the anticipation
of expecting—
in the excitement of awaiting
a new and transformative reality—

the family and the future
taking specific shape
amidst love
that is commitment
to a future together.

I pray grace.

Within the extensive hoping
and the scarce to be acknowledged fears
swimming usually so far below the surface,
but frightfully cresting, now and then,
I pray the assurance
of God’s will
for wholeness and health and peace,
for community and for abundant living.
I pray the assurance of God’s presence with us
and of God’s work in, through, and beyond
those who love in the world.

I pray assurance.

And I do pray love—so much love—
that ever-growing, crowding fullness of love

out of which we’re born,
through and into which we live
and move and have our being,
in Jesus’ name,



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