God be with you

Our God,

Social networking
creates the expectation of
(or the desire for)
virtually instantaneous response
to circumstance.

In the aftermath of … life …
we scramble
for something appropriate to say—

And, honestly, our first response to much that’s hard
is simply an anguished, “No!”
(whether in response to the natural disaster—
the unnatural disaster, the diagnosis,
the foolishness, the selfishness)—

Our second response,
Even believing there’s no answer to that one,
we ask anyway.

There’s anger—
sometimes directed,
other times not.
Sometimes directed at you.
That’s okay, right?
You’re big enough.

There’s the desire to do something—
when sometimes we can’t;
other times we won’t;
sometimes we do.

Ultimately, our best prayer …
best? … last?
is simply—
not “No!”—
a form of “Yes!” actually—

“God be with you.”

And yes, sometimes that so painfully means good-bye.
Not always.
Not even most of the time.
But no assumptions.
No expectations.

Affirmation nonetheless.

God be with you—

in and through the specifics—your specifics—
in and through what you face
and we face.

God be with you
in the fullness of God’s being—
being love—
being grace—
being the desire for wholeness—
for balance and health—
for transformation—

and working toward that being for all.

This we pray
with assurance and hope
in the name of the one
who says still,
“I’ll be with you always,”



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