to see a dancer

Water slows things down.
That’s the way I see it.
The grace of buoyancy is actually just a force
giving us time to see
the grace inherent to the movement.

Sink below the surface,
watch someone walk underwater.
There’s a grace to each step
because there’s time to see each step—
time to appreciate each step.

Dance does that too—
slows movement down—
or focuses in on detail:
shoulder isolation, hip, hand.
And as you tighten the focus,
you realize,
the same thing you notice with things slowed down—
or made bigger, for that matter
you realize,
drawing attention
to everyday movement
to make it appreciable—

you realize (1) a dancer is always dancing,
and (2) we are all dancers.

And once you know someone (anyone) is a dancer,
you can watch their slightest move, as if underwater,
and admire the choreography of breathtakingly beautiful sequences.

Though when you’re underwater, of course,
you really don’t want anything to be breathtaking.

So we live above the surface,
largely unaware,
everyone’s dancing.


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