envision this!

After 15 years of rich companionship
and ever-loving presence,
they said goodbye to their dog,

and I have to wonder
if in envisioning God
we can make room
for a vision large enough
to encompass
God’s personal and loving relationships
with all creation,

and thus to envision
less anthropomorphically—
with a cold, wet nose,
alert, pointed ears—twitching,
sheer, membranous, startlingly colorful wings,
a tail, a mane, a beak, antennae,
a hoof, a paw, a claw, a foot,
scales, skin, fur, and feathers
bark and blooms …—

not some fantastically bizarre composite though—
scary, absurd, or hilarious—
not some amalgamation of characteristics,
but a vision so dynamically alive
that to look at any one particular feature
is to always be invited to see so many more,
and less to be uncertain of what we see
as to be certain there’s always more to see,

and thus to know,
that the God who created all,
is ever lovingly gathering creation
back into welcoming grace—
the eternal truth that is not human,
but that divinely includes
more than we even know is.


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