a grandiose idea

A grandiose idea:
it’s time to rewrite our national story.

We’ve allowed it to become cheap and shallow.
It’s been claimed by business and professional politicians,
shaped by polls and marketing
and become part of a system
for the continuance of the status quo
rather than a dream of something ever becoming richer and better.

It is no longer the story of we, the people,
but of we, the manipulative minority.

Furthermore, we’ve allowed the equating
of protecting cheap and shallow
with respecting our country.

So for those who respect the dream of our country too much
to indulge such nonsense,
an invitation—a grandiose invitation:
to rewrite our national story, one status at a time.

• My dream of freedom
is so much bigger than the freedom to carry a gun
to feel safe,
it is rather the freedom to feel safe
without carrying one.

• Our foreparents risked death
for the sake of principles.
We’re the ones risking principles
out of a fear of death.

• The brave are not those
who face armed lunatics in their fantasies,
but those who face discrimination, prejudice,
poverty and injustice
in their jobs and families and relationships.

• “High Noon” is not my hope for the future.
It is a past I thought we survived and escaped.

• “Hello, fear. Meet your demise.
It’s not a gun. It’s compassion.
You cannot comprehend it.”

• “God bless the USA?”
God’s blessings are not ends.
They are means to the dream of God,
a creation characterized by justice for all.
So what is meant, truly,
by praying that God bless the USA?
It’s a bigger prayer than we typically mean.

• Ah, violence. Refuge of the afraid.
Why do you keep trying to call us home?

• In this our culture,
we financially support not those we value,
but those we admire …
which says more about our values
than we should admire.


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