the healthy choice

We made a delicious butternut squash bread pudding
for supper the other night.

The next day, headed home for lunch
I told myself that just having had the bread pudding for supper,
having it again for lunch would constitute just way too much bread.
And so rather pleased with myself for this health conscious observation,
I recommend to myself for lunch, a sandwich.

Well, then I got tickled,
thinking about the bread needed to make a sandwich
(and I don’t like open face sandwiches …
unless they’re fresh tomato, but that’s another story!).
And I got to laughing,
and thoroughly enjoyed bread pudding for lunch!

It did get me to wondering
how often I do not see—
how often I miss—
the humor of such contradictions in my experience—
in my observations and my affirmations.

Because too much bread isn’t healthy,
and I’ve had a good bit recently,
I’ll forego the bread pudding and instead will have a sandwich.

And missing the contradiction,
thus also miss the possibility of insight
gained through the laughter—
going right on thinking, instead,
obliviously—and proudly (what a dangerous combination!),
“Didn’t I do well—making the right choice—the healthy choice?”

And yes, again,
so much more significant a truth
in realms not gustatory,
but theological,
and relational.


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