palm/passion sunday prayer

We pray, our God, mindful this day,
of where Your praying led You—
when you lived and walked amongst us
full of grace and truth—
mindful that Your praying led You
into the heart of the religious institution—
the political, legal and economic systems of the day.

We pray, mindful this day, of just how
Your praying was made manifest—
in Your absolute commitment
to Your way in and through our world
and thus into direct confrontation
with any other way in and through our world.

We pray, mindful of where our praying leads us—
how our praying is made manifest.

May our attention to Your story
and our belief in Your transformative way
more consistently shape our prayer into Yours:
“Thy will be done”
that we might know Your joy,
live Your peace,
and do Your work of love.

This we pray in the name of the one
who made that prayer incarnate,


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