spring prayer

Our God,

As we officially move into the days of spring,
we take the occasion to pray for all things growing.

We pray for the light green of new leaves in trees
and grass,
for the anticipated color of flowers yet to bloom
and vegetables.

We pray for new life.
So yes, we pray for babies and for their parents,
and for circumstances that allow babies to grow
strong and healthy in every facet of their being,
and for a wider culture committed to such circumstances.

But we also pray for forgiveness
and for redemption,
for starting over—
for the new life born of grace.

We pray for the ongoing intellectual growth of individuals
committed to growing out of ignorance and prejudice.
We pray, as well, for an ongoing emotional and relational growth—
spiritual growth—
for the cultivation of all that facilitates such growing
and the rejection of all that hinders it.

We pray for the idea of growth and maturity
extending beyond any age,
that whatever your age,
you might be found
committed to further growth.

We pray for growing communities—
for communities growing in depth—
particularly growing into deeper relatedness,
into more committed interdependence,
into love and hope.

We pray to know the consistent affirmation,
expectation and celebration
that there’s always more to learn—
always more to discover—
always more to enjoy,
the more we grow.

This we pray in the name of one
who grew
in wisdom and stature, in strength
and in favor with God and with people,

“It takes courage to grow up
and become who you really are.”
e.e. cummings


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