the sideways step

Our God,

In prayer we step sideways—
out of our routine,
and then we pause,
to consider for a time
all that, in which we’re not,
for the moment,

We step sideways out of the current
that seeks, always, to rush us on by—
we step sideways maybe to claim the gratitude
for so much
we don’t always stop to name:
the gifts of our being
and our being in community—
our connections
to each other
and to You.

Or we step sideways
to seek the perspective
of someone not in the middle of the stream—
someone not overwhelmed
by the fast moving flow of events and feelings—
someone not feeling swept away—
dragged along.

We step sideways
out of the surging torrents,
to be reminded
that we were once brought up out of the water—
out of the chaos—out of the depths—
up from death
and raised to newness of life,

in the name of Jesus,



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