for love of the art

Greg Jarrell was with us in worship this past Sunday.
He and his family live into God’s calling
to an intensely incarnational ministry
that has rooted them, for the past eight years,
in the Enderly Park neighborhood of Charlotte, NC,
where they receive the gifts they believe only the poor have to offer,
where they participate with their neighbors
in regular expressions of gracious hospitality,
and the ongoing discovery
of what it means to be fully present to and with each other,
and to rely more on community than on personal resources.

You can read more about Greg,
his family and their ministry at

Greg’s also an accomplished saxophonist
who plays in the Charlotte area with local groups,
but who’s also played with Natalie Cole, the Manhattan Transfer,
the Four Tops and the Temptations.
To our delight, he brought his horn and played with our band,
and then a Bach piece with our pianist—
“Badinerie” from Suite in b minor, BMV 1067.

Now I have this delightful image
of the venerable Johann Sebastian Bach
tucked behind a piano at a jazz bar,
lost in the give and take of musical conversation—
with his love of music so very evident—
an image of someone to be admired and appreciated
less for all his deserved fame and accomplishment
as for his passion and the obvious love of his art.

So may our faith be made manifest, as is Greg’s,
less in society’s recognition and approval of our faith
as in our passion and our obvious love of being in relationship—
with each other and with the least of these among us—
the art of God.


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